KEY 1: Become a More Conscious Parent
The foundation of your parenting is your parenting belief system. You probably know your beliefs are programmed in childhood. You might not realize just how powerful this programming is and how it can sabotage your good intentions and positive efforts. To understand more, watch this 30-minute video, Is Your Childhood Running — or Ruining — Your Parenting?
KEY 2: Set Healthy Parenting Goals
Most parents use trial-and-error because they believe they can’t possibly be prepared for any challenge that could arise and/or that they need to use a different parenting style with each child.Conscious parents look at the end result they want and then go about strategically reaching it.

Next, do the following:
Key 3: Create a Personalized Parenting Plan
  • A plan will give you the best chance of reaching your goals. The proven parenting plan Parents Toolshop® provides has 3 key parts to it:

    Part 1.    A balanced parenting style:
  • a.    Your personality and belief system determine your parenting style.
  • b.    That style will determine the outcomes you get (Whether you reach your parenting goals.)
  • c.    Parents Toolshop® is the only research-based parenting program that teaches there are five parenting styles. Watch the Parenting Style Show in the video above to identify yours!
Bonus 1: Improve Teamwork with Your Parenting Partners
Do your parenting partners have different styles? Does this cause disagreements or create confusion for your child?
  • Get the Parenting Styles bonus report, which is Chapter 2 of The Parent’s Toolshop®: The Universal Blueprint® for Effective Parenting
  • Then, watch this video to get practical tips for improving teamwork with your parenting partners.
Bonus 2: How Your Personality Impacts Your Parenting Style
  • Few would argue that your personality plays a role in your parenting style. Yet, the four parenting styles that research has identified and all the other reserach-based parenting programs do not account for your personality traits!
  • If you want to know more about the theory and research behind the five  parenting styles Parents Toolshop® teaches, watch this video, The History of Parenting Styles: What’s Missing & What Might Research Discover Next.
So What About the Other 2 Parts of this Personalized Parenting Plan?
Create a Personalized Parenting Plan
to Reach Your Goals
Only Parents Toolshop® offers a proven plan you can personalize to your needs, to find customized solutions for your family. This system has two parts:
  • 3 Questions you answer, in seconds, based on your family, that child, and that situation. This gets you on the best path to plan a response. While there may seem to be a gazillion different parenting challenges, each one will fit within one of five problem types! Once you know what type of problem you are facing, you know the best path to follow in your response, which will follow…
  • 5-Step Effective-Response Formula. Depending on the problem type, you may take up to five steps. These steps address any behavior or emotions you are seeing on the surface (the symptoms), and identify and resolve the real underlying issue causing them (the cause). In that response, you will use one or more…
Learn/Use Effective Parenting Tools that Give You the Best Chance of Reaching Your Goals
There are many common parenting practices that give a quick fix but have negative long-term side effects.

While there are over 150 practical, proven-effective tools in the Balanced parenting style, there are 5 Five-Star Practical Parenting Tools that are especially important to use, but most parents don’t know about them or know how to use them effectively.

Most research-based parenting programs teach similar tools, but only Parents Toolshop® offers a decision-making system for knowing which tools to use, when to use them and how to use them to get the best results.

This is how you can have a personalized parenting system you can use anytime, anywhere, with any child or any age and find a helpful personalized response --- in seconds!
If you are a conscious parent, you seek out training in these skills, like you would any other job, because you believe parenting is the most important job you will ever have.